Maniacal Mark Flowers – mental midget

Yes Ladies … Loopy Pete has quite a following – there would have to be at least five disciples who believe this Mad Messiah’s insane “rule of law” has something to enrich their feeble lives!

Meet our April Fool – Maniacal Mark the Mental Midget – aka “amsoldierofchrist”, “MSF” and “MAN-A” on Peter’s own little piece of Waco on the Internet “Crimes Against Fathers”.


Mark has recently “gone underground” but we know he has been in regular contact with Loopy Pete from various internet cafes, where he accesses his e-mail by remote access.

Here is a semi recent picture of Mark when he was trying to raise his own political party back in 2004:


 We can see why Maniacal Mark and Loopy Pete would get along – they are both losers … Mark’s tilt at politics was about as successful as Peter’s insane self-representative train wreck of a foray in to the court room.

Let’s just say that Maniacal Mark didn’t make Premier that year … as a matter of fact he fell about 490 short on the 500 signatures he needed to stand in the election. Oh well … there’s always that kiddy fiddler bar in the Phillipines!

Mark first arrived on the political scene back in May 1997, when the “Publisher” organised a peaceful protest against Pauline Hanson on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland … how times have changed – now he is aligned with a would be murderous despot!

Moving right along, would you believe that Mark is estranged from his Filipino wife Carina, and that she wants nothing at all to do with him?

Mark’s oldest son from his first marriage turned out to be a raging gay boy … like father, like son!

He also seems to think he’s being persecuted and “gangstalked”.

Anyway, Peter has chosen to give Mark ”code names” on his loopy website, and he allocated him another when he added to his already bulging national security risk file by sending Australian Prime Minister yet another “Lawful Notice”, none of which seems to make any sense.


Well, we think men of honour and integrity should put themselves out there, so here goes:

Mark Stephen Flowers, born in Brisbane on August 8, 1963, recently lived at 648 Halcrows Rd, Cattai, NSW, 2756, Australia before he was rightfully booted for not paying the rent … here’s some advice, Maniacal Mark – GET A JOB! His e-mail is If you want to phone him his mobile is +61 (0) 401 406 957.

His father John William Flowers passed away in November, 2011, and his mother Maggie lives at 3 Currong Crt, Buderim QLD 4556, phone (07) 5445 2474.  Perhaps someone can phone her and ask her to keep her wayward son in check.


Maniacal Mark also had a facebook page (he’s deep undercover right now), and he had even less friends than his political party attracted!  One of these “friends” is Loopy Pete, although he doesn’t really have friends, just a long list of former acquaintances who have taken very bad falls on his behalf and rightfully want nothing more to do with him … maybe Maniacal Mark will learn, but we doubt it.

And to prove that Donkeys Never Differ, like Loopy Pete,Maniacal Mark has made himself VERY well known to Police over the years and he even attracted a prosecution from the Australian Federal Attorney General’s Security Law Branch in 2007, which seems to be something Loopy Pete is aspiring to.

There are several ongoing matters, which we will publish in detail about here once they are finalised.

He has a bit of a “serial killer” look about him, doesn’t he?


We could write pages and pages about this fruit loop here but, quite frankly it would all be mind numbingly boring, and way too disturbing once you start to fathom that creatures like this are existing among functioning members of society.

Suffice to say, you can check out Maniacal Mark’s in depth documentation of the Freemason Gangstalking Process here, if you wan’t to waste a precious 10 minutes of your life, or you can just google him – he’s all over the Internet!

Funny thing, in other blogs Maniacal Mark swore black and blue the  Aussie politician Philip Ruddock and the Australian Federal Police were stalking him, then he claimed it was the NSW Police and now he is dead sure it’s those pesky Freemasons!

Anyway, this waste of space IS a waste of space … tomorrow we turn our attentions to one of the “great men” in Peter’s life (which definitely doesn’t include his own father and brothers, all of his former mates, former school friends and anyone in his extended family), the serial fruit loop and serial letter writer Robert Kennedy.