Peter Nolan tries to verbally attack his ex wife and children

Peter Nolan left australia, didnt want to pay child support, now he is attacking his kids to get back at his ex wife.. COWARD!!

Read his Loony rant here:


3 thoughts on “Peter Nolan tries to verbally attack his ex wife and children

  1. This man posts all his hate towards women on facebook on local swap sites then waits until one comments that it is wrong to post on site and brands them as men haters!! He copies all of their info, picture, facebook link, and everything else he can get and posts on his site This man needs to be stopped and banned from doing this! We cannot get our info removed from this site! It is his site and he is also JohnRambo on site.

  2. Mr. Nolan has now threatened to have his daughter and son murdered. As far as I’m concerned, ladies, this takes Mr. Nolan WAY beyond the realm of nutty fruitcake. This dangerous idiot needs to be hunted down and STOPPED. – Open letter to his son Joshua, posted 07-01-2012. (New South Wales forum, posted 07-01-2012) – Open letter to his daughter Josephine (New South Wales forum, posted 07-01-2012)

    I don’t care how loony the guy is; even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Mr. Nolan might be lucid enough at some point to give instructions to someone, to have this done. I appreciate he’s angry at what was done (or what he perceives has been done), but threatening murder is NOT acceptable. Period.

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