Casey Zevenbergen

Sigh! Loopy Peter Andrew Nolan claims proudly to have “dis-owned” his own family, but so far the “friends” he has (not including the various false facebook profiles and e-mail addresses which are essentially LP talking to himself) vary from downright shady and opportunistic to criminal predators.

Ladies, meet Casey Zevenbergen … like Loopy Pete, he is hiding out in some dodgy Third World hovel and prefers women who don’t speak English so they have no comprehension of the shit he is spruiking.

lookoutkiddies.jpegAnd like Mark Stephen Flowers Loopy Pete’s little ill-informed “mate” claims to be some sort of self styled “child safety advocate” … but let’s just say we have evidence that he has a long standing taste for the “exotic” and hence his move to Thailand, where his little playthings are far more accessible.

Casey Zevenbergen has also followed Manical Mark’s lead in campaigning for Loopy Pete’s twisted ideals … trying to harass an Australian Federal politician, no less:

dimwittedmoron.jpegCasey, and we have verified that is your real name, where you are living, as well as your “proclivities” … you hooked your wagon to Loopy Pete, and now you will get dragged through the mud. ENJOY!

By the way Peter, weren’t you going to be putting people on trial in February in your new courts? It’s now the end of March … are you talking shit again? 

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